Prayer (2011.12.07)

  1. Pray that the Lord would open the eyes of all those involved with NAMI that exaggeration and evangelism are incompatible.
  2. Pray that Hong Kong churches become more discipleship-oriented rather than entertainment-oriented.
  3. Pray for a peaceful resolution of this ongoing conflict without compromising integrity and truth.
  4. Pray that the Chinese churches will develop a spiritually sensitive and intellectually vigorous faith.


  1. 求主開「挪亞方舟國際事工」參與者的眼目,使他們明白譁眾取巧的手法與福
  2. 為香港的教會祈求,讓教會的最高目標是帶領信徒作主門徒,而不是娛樂和獵奇。
  3. 祈求聖靈將和平的心給予各方信徒,以維護真理及誠信的態度,排解方舟事工
  4. 為普世華人教會祈禱,願教會在信仰上持守屬靈的敏銳,也在知識上長進。